The Fisherman’s Decision

its an overcast day. the fisherman had just caught his fish. he spends all day trying to catch fish. all of his life he spends trying to catch fish. and thats all he ever does. you’d think that he’d get really excited when he catches fish. i sure am when i catch them. but he’s so used to it by now. sometimes its even boring. he’s actually considered going off and doing something else for awhile. considered changing his ways. maybe doing something more exciting than catching fish. eh.. this is his job, he cant just switch.

the fish he’d just caught wasnt the right one. he puts it back in the water. sets his pole again. waits. sitting there in his chair. really the last thing on his mind was whether or not there was a fish on the line. he was picturing himself as if he werent a fisherman. what else could he be doing with his life, other than playing this little game of “go fish.” solitaire had even been more exciting sometimes. at least it was a different game. something out of the ordinary. “maybe i will go do something different. im tired of this fishing. im tired of it.” he stands up and stretches wondering what else he could do when he realizes there was another fish caught on the line.

should he go get it or just ignore it? let it free? maybe he could came back later and it would still be there. would it really wait around that long? the complication of this simple task was curious. why is it such a big deal? its just a fish on a line. right? nothin to worry about. right? the fisherman turns back around, away from the fish “i guess ill come back later, and if im lucky it’ll still be there.”

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