the repeating tone
knowing shes no longer there
but holding on anyways

i cant go in either direction
i cant hurt someone else
my hearts all made up
but it cant bring itself to rip off
it cant go through with the action

its all so serious but its all so silly
serious is delirious
simplicity must ensue
its not a big deal
it doesnt really matter
dont hurt
dont feel
dont choose
whats real?

i cant do this now
i cant bring myself to do it now
i think, i feel
for the tattered doll
i cant bring myself to hurt it anymore
so many see her and pass her by
dont love her for who she is — why?

i praise and i pray
i hold and i hope
i shouldnt have latched on
then the painful rip wouldn’t be

callous and caring
painful unsharing
i dont want to be
the terrible tearer
who brings so much terror

a simple decision
complicated division
division which will divide
the end — be the same?

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