the world does leave its beliefs on our pages like a hastily made scrapbook.
pages are torn, pictures torn in two.
picture that were once beautiful and new.
the world tears us apart
and for some reason we find it in our heart
to like it and conform even more
opening up our torn apart scrapbook
letting everyone take a look. and for some reason we’re proud
showing it off all big and loud.
but at once we realize that god is real
and he has the power to heal.
he cleans and rebounds our old scrapbook
making it new and a good site to look.
we change our ways
see through the haze
of this worlds beliefs
and its such a relief
to know we end up in the right place after all
we end up in the arms of god.

i need to give some credit to Kelly for this poem. a poem she wrote inspired me to write this one. if you want to read hers it is on her xanga Sunday, July 3, 2005’s entry. check it out. its good.

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