Sarah – The Single!

There’s a single! As far as I know everyone who’s heard this song absolutely loves it. So I rerecorded it with my newer, better equipment and I think it really gives the song justice. Personally, I think this is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever written and it’s written about a beautiful girl (as you can see in the picture) so I think everything really fits just right. For those of you who don’t know the story behind the song let me tell you.

It goes all the way back to some random Friday night of, not last school year, but the year before that. Whenever there was this awesome thing put together by Phu Bui called “Coop Fo’ Sho’.” The purpose of this event was to raise money for a guy named cooper on the swim team. His father had just passed away due to cancer and his mother did not work, so Phu took the initiative to get various bands at Kempner High School together to play at this thing called “Coop Fo’ Sho’.” There were donation boxes and any money made by the food sold was also donated.

I found myself going to this thing even though I really didn’t know cooper. Josh did and I went to see all the bands play. We were there. I was jammin’, Josh was jammin’, and it was that night that I met Sarah. We all left “Coop Fo’ Sho'” for a moment and went to dairy queen. The group of six of us all piled into Josh’s car and Sarah ended up having to sit in my lap. Having just met that night she told me, “I’m really not the kind of girl who just sits on boys laps when we first meet!” and I told her, “I’m not so much the kind of boy to have girls sit on his lap the first time we’ve met.” It was pretty funny and the ice cream was good. After that night I went away really not knowing how to explain it. Because at first sight I seemed to feel something for her even though that’s usually pretty stupid.

Throughout the summer me, Josh, Sarah, and Kelly all hung out a ton! We would randomly go to taco bell late at night, or go to a park in the meadows and lie in the grass looking up at the stars, or go see a movie together. Every time we were together I would walk away with that feeling inside of me being stronger and truer. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but I know that at some point I began to love Sarah. I believe –not only believe– I know that this was the first time I had experienced true love. Not the teenage crush or infatuation thing, but love — the real thing.

It was just after I realized this whenever Sarah moved. Her family decided to go up to Colorado. I was pretty much heartbroken. And that’s where this song comes from. One night Josh and I were talking on the phone with Sarah and I said, “I’m going to write a song for you.” So I sat down at the piano and just played it. It was as simple as that. The song just flowed out of me. The next morning we went to her house and got her up out of bed to play the song for her. She was smiling just like the song says. I was sad that she was leaving but I knew that no matter whether we were friends, or possibly something meant to be that it was really nice just knowing her because she had really changed me. Love will do that to a person.

The end of the story isn’t sad though, because Sarah moved back and the four of us are getting to hang out all over again! So Sarah, this new version of the song is for you just as much as the one before. And to all the fans out there, I hope you like it.

Download it at or

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