Some Good News and Some Bad News

Let’s start with the bad news so we’ll have a happy ending to this blog post.

This has been unofficial for a little while. But as of yesterday Josh is officially not a part of Cadenza anymore. He is very busy holding down a job and works what I was told to be 30-35 hours a week. Indirectly he is still a part of Cadenza, as are many of you. The people around me help me make music just as much as someone playing instruments with me. You guys play life with me and that’s so much more. So, I guess at this point Cadenza becomes a musical solo.

The good news following this is that with the money we made from the EP I bought some new recording equipment. This stuff is amazing. It makes our silly old recordings sound old and silly. Yesterday I began recording what is going to be a new CD. This one is going to have 12 songs on it. I’ll keep you guys updated and maybe even throw in some freeby music clips here and there. Just keep checking this to see if there’s any updates, or you can joint Purevolume as a listener and I’ll let you know when I update.

That’s it for now. I can’t wait to keep on recording!

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