In Memory of Ashton

Hey guys. I don’t know how many of you know about what happened to Ashton Glover. It’s been on all the local news. Ashton went to my church (First Colony Church of Christ). Her mom was in our First Family (a small group of families that get together from time to time). I always hung out with her when we were doing First Family things cause she was just about my age. She was always so funny and just fun to be around. Such a nice girl…

This is the story: Ashton left her house Friday night to go be with some friends. She didn’t come back that night. They started searching for her. I don’t know how to tell the story right, because it’s a hard story to tell. The end is not good. Ashton’s body was found on Monday. She had been murdered and then buried. It’s still unclear exactly what happened. But that’s what I know.

I recorded that little “surprise” piano thing in the last entry on Monday. This was the day that I was testing out all of my new recording equipment. As I said before after I listened to it I couldn’t believe how good the quality of the piano was. When I was recording it I was just doing improv in the key of C. It wasn’t anything planned — I could never play that again in my life. I might be able to do something similar, but because that recording was unplanned and complete improv I can never play the same thing again. I’ve decided that I want to dedicate this short, one minute and twenty-nine second piano song to Ashton. Because once I heard that the body they found on Monday was hers I kept listening to it nonstop, because her life was short, and because no one will ever be the same as Ashton was. She was a unique person, and her life will never be played again.

So please listen to it, say a little prayer for her family, and know that her life is still playing up in heaven right now. In Memory of Ashton

One thought on “In Memory of Ashton

  1. I’m so sorry about your friend. I just downloaded your song and it’s amazing. I’ll be praying for Ashton’s family and for you and all the people that knew her.


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