Baby, It’s Cold Outside

A couple days ago I woke up and it was around 72 degrees outside. Some winter this is. Stupid Houston. I know it never snows, but can’t it at least be cold? Stupid.

I go to school like usual. Go to first period. Everything is going great. Go to second period. It’s still in the mid 70s outside. In second period I hear a little bit of rain outside. Great, now it’s going to be humid too. After second period, walking to third period I touch a window and it’s got to be, like 40-something degrees out there! In about 45 minutes it dropped, like, 30 degrees. Brr!

Ironically enough I had on the calendar to record this old time Christmas/Winter song that night. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is now available for all of you to download from MySpace, Purevolume, or this link. If you want I can burn it to a CD for you. Just let me know and I’ll burn a copy for you and trade you it for a dollar. Now, grab something warm to cuddle with and come on and listen!

Thank you Ameria for recording this duet with me! Also many, many thanks to Sean and Amy for coming over and recording the chorus part with Ameria and me. You guys sound gorgeous on the recording!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Baby, It’s Cold OutsideMySpacePurevolume – CD: $1

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