Romantic Reminiscence (Like A Garden)

Tonight, as I was on my way home, I put in the old Robbie Seay Band CD, Better Days. I’d almost forgotten how good that album is. So laid back and wonderful. It’s been so long since I’ve listened to it. I was working my way through the CD when track four (Jesus, Garden of My Rest) sent me into a fit of romantic reminiscence.

You know how fun the “talking” stage of a romance is? That time when you’re just finding out about how you like each other? You know the very beginning of such relationships? The time when all is simplistic and it seems as if nothing could ever go wrong? You know how fun it is to look back on those memories? That’s what happened to me this evening in my car.

It was remembering those simple days with God. Those days when we would walk together. Smelling the flowers. Feeling the sunshine. I would lean and lay against His chest. Simple beauty.

I love that, unlike many romantic relationships these days, God and I have not remained stagnant. We had those simple days, but now we have moved deeper into the waters of love and relation. I love how even though I am much closer with God now, more deeply immersed in Him, we still have romantic moments like this. It is not as if because I know Him more now, because my knowledge has grown, I have lost heart. I love Him more and more with every passing day.

So what about you? Have you remained stagnant? Do you have conversations or simply find yourself breathing over the phone? Because relationships are not static things. A relationship is not like a rock, but rather like a tree. Relationships grow, relationships move.

It’s like a garden. A garden of rest.

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