Old Recordings

Though most of my recordings are available on the music tab of this blog, I’ve decided to bring some special attention to some of my music by featuring it on NoiseTrade. I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile, but haven’t had a good set of recordings to upload. I still don’t have a particularly good set, but I decided to go for it anyway.

I’ve uploaded an old collection of songs, called Cleaning Out The Basement, that I wrote in the latter part of high school and recorded in one sitting, late into the night, in my room. These recordings aren’t great, which I confess in the first song on the album. But they are a collection of songs which tell a story of sin and salvation, of repentance and renewal. My hope is, through the cheap microphone and the non-existent production, that these songs would speak to you.

You can download these for free from NoiseTrade.com or by using the widget below. Please enjoy.

[No longer available on Noisetrade.]

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