She Wants to Look At Jesus

We got engaged two days ago. Yesterday we could hardly stop talking about wedding stuff, so we logged onto “The Knot” to take a peak at what all there is to do for a wedding. For those of you who don’t know, “The Knot” is a wedding planning website. It has tons of resources and information as well as a nifty little thing that you put in your date and your budget and it will spit out a timeline checklist and a prospective budget.

Checklists are compelling things. I make them all the time and absolutely love checking stuff off of them. Morgan and I were a bit overwhelmed to see that we had 247 items on our to-do list and 0 on our completed list. So, of course, we tackled them headfirst and started working through them at lightning speed.

We we got to the one about creating a wedding website, I got wonderfully excited because that’s my thing. So we started looking at various templates for the website. We looked at hosting our site on “The Knot” and we also discovered “MyWedding.” Long story short, after looking through about 59 different templates and agreeing on pretty much none of them we finally settled on one. But with all of that disagreement were were so disheartened. Was our relationship falling apart? Do we really love each other? Well, the answers are No and Yes, respectively. But we weren’t sure about that at the time.

Finally, after taking a break for a day we scratched all of the hours of work (and disagreeing) that we had done looking through websites and we created this one. It was pretty simple and painless. We quickly found one that we liked and got to work making it happen. It’s incredible how fast you can buy a domain, set up a website, and get it functioning. Because only a few hours later, here it is!

But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I really want to say is this. After our night of website hunting and disagreement and weariness over a stupid website Morgan said this, “Drew, I need to stop doing this. We need to set this down. I’m trying to keep my heart in the right place. I got engaged last night and haven’t been able to be alone since then. I just need to spend time with Jesus.

This is the girl I’m engaged to. This is the woman I’m going to marry. She wants to look at Jesus, not at wedding websites. That’s how I know she’s the one.

One thought on “She Wants to Look At Jesus

  1. You both are such sweet people. You both strive to put Jesus first in your lives, and that’s a wonderful foundation to start your engaged and then married life on. Whatever little tiffs yall got into going over all the wedding stuff is not unusual. Its not “will we have disagreements”, but “how will we deal with and grow from our disagreements.” Go into marriage knowing this and you will be one step ahead of those who think marriage will be nothing but peaches and cream. Marriage is like a rose…beautiful and with a wonderful fragrance. But in order to pick the roses, you have to make your way through the thorns. And you will get pricked now and again. But the roses are no less beautiful because of the thorns….Can’t wait to read everything on your wedding site. This is so exciting!! I love you both!

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