God is an old woman

God is an old woman
with curly grey hair,
wearing a shawl,
with big glasses clinging to her nose.

She is sitting in a rocking chair knitting.
She is knitting me together.
She is knitting my friends.
She is knitting my children together.

She goes to the kitchen to cook up the Pacific Ocean.
She kneads dough into the Rocky Mountains.
She serves it all up on this platter called Earth.

She lets me take part in the eating and drinking of these glorious concoctions.
I take my fill and rejoice in what she’s put on the table.

Then she gets back up,
After the feast,
Walks back to her chair
To sit down and knit again.

She’s knitting the fabric of life together




One thought on “God is an old woman

  1. Now that’s an interesting analogy. Did you write it. Have to think on it though. Not sure I like God being compared to an old woman. Hmmmm.

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