More Thoughts on Politics

The United States presidential election is in six days. That’s less than a week.

It’s funny to me how people get so fired up during this season. People start thinking, start talking, start getting involved. It’s like a youth group retreat only it’s politics. During this season endless people are on some sort of political high, me included. Part of me thinks this is good, but the rest of me hates it.

I wish people were always this socially involved. I wish people were always this concerned with the choices they make and the direction our government goes. At the same time, it is a terribly consuming thing, politics. It disheartens me to see people clinging to a candidate as if he were some sort of savior. They defend their chosen candidate as if he were infallible. Hate to break it to you, but neither candidate is the Messiah. They are both torn and broken like the rest of us. Neither of them are capable of bringing salvation.

If you think back to Jesus’ day, there was a huge misconception. There was a misunderstanding in the message he brought. At that time there was a group of Jewish people called the Zealots. Their goal in life was to overthrow the Roman government so that they could take back Jewish rule. As Jesus rose into the public eye, as more people began following him, the Zealots looked to him as a potential leader for their movement. Jesus, time and time again rejected their movement. He said, “Beware the leaven of Herod.” In essence saying that “The government is not the answer.”

If you have put your hope in a candidate, be warned: he will fail you. If you think real change will come from the government, you’ve missed it. Jesus says, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Let us not be fooled into thinking our savior will soon be found on capitol hill.

I don’t mean this to say that you ought not vote — I think that you should. But don’t be consumed. My previous political thoughts post was only a presentation of my thoughts. I did not mean to say that God endorsed one candidate or the other. Let us remember that God is not a republican or a democrat. Much like when Joshua asked the commander of the Lord’s army, “Are you for us, or for our adversaries?” God gives us the same reply when we ask about political parties or candidates. A simple “No.” You’ve missed it. You’re asking the wrong question.

Here are a few social issues that I believe should be a concern to the church: The genocide of millions of children. The poverty of thousands of families and individuals. The lack of health care access to hundreds. Regardless of the elected candidate we, as the church, must take action. The question of who to vote for is simply, “Which of these issues will our government aid us in taking care of?” Voting in one direction will take care of some, voting the other direction will take care of others. Regardless of the election’s outcome, we must take action.

It will be interesting to see what happens next Tuesday. Remember, the election of any man to any governmental office isn’t going to bring salvation to the world – the only thing that can (and has, and will) is the kingship of Jesus Christ over us all. Don’t forget.

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