We Must Unite

After a long, hard presidential campaign, the election has finally ended. We know the results. Some may be exicted and rejoicing, while others may be upset and angry. Regardless of your feelings toward the outcome, we know who our new President will be.

I find it interesting the way that this campaign has played itself out. Neither candidate was very different from the other in the core. They both share the same values. With Obama’s call for change and McCain’s “maverick” quality, both wanted to bring something new and different to the table. With McCain’s “walking across the aisle” and Obama’s “we are not a this America and a that America, but rather the United States of America” speech, both have called people to unity. If these candidates have both stood for reform and unity, why then will their supporters not unite?

I am disappointed in the maturity and civility of people since the outcome of this election. During John McCain’s conceding speech his supporters were consistently “booing” at the name of Barack Obama. Facebook statuses have been hurling insults and crying foolish remarks left and right. Why have Obama supporters been so proud and why have McCain supporters been so rude? Last night McCain said, “It is natural, tonight, to feel some disappointment, but tomorrow we must work together to get our country moving again.”

I’ve seen Facebook statuses that say people are leaving for Canada and Mexico. A Facebook group about Texas seceding has been created. What happened to “country first?” Was it a conditional statement? How about “walking across the aisle?” Was that a conditional sentiment? It is as if McCain’s supporters would only be willing to “walk across the aisle” if it is McCain working with democrats; republicans working with Obama is out of the question.

My hope is that we will all recover from the results. McCain supporters can be disappointed and Obama’s supporters can celebrate, but let us all stop fighting with one another. Obama supporters: stop shoving the victory in people’s faces, McCain supporters: stop being rude and throwing insults. We will never get anywhere with that. In the words of Obama, “There is so much more to do.” In the words of McCain, “Let’s stand up and fight.” It is time for the messages of reform and unity that came from both candidates to come true. It is time for us to unite and take action.

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