Freewriting this morning

There’s a wealth of words that would say what I want,
but they don’t dictate the desires of deep.

I’m always sinking, but never fly.
I’m always thinking, but never try.

God, work Your wondrous way in me.
God, give me the grace to grow like a tree.

Your tree of life — how I long to eat its life-giving fruit!

Your tree of life — may I return to Your garden.
God, grant me the grace to return to Your garden.
I want to be in that place where You are my shepherd.
I want to drink from Your stream — God, You are my shepherd.

Guide me and move me wherever You go.
I may not be going, but, Lord, You know
what’s best for me and what I should do.
I want to eat of Your tree — my desire is You.

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