Featured Fiddling Friends

I feel like this past month and especially this week has been “download music from people you know (or almost know)” time. I’ve recently acquired a good deal of music, not by famous professionals, but by  Jane and John Doe — by normal people — by college students! I just want to brag about it a little bit and share a little bit of independent artist love.

Eric Schumann has been my buddy for a long while. Our social lives overlapped, so I’m not sure exactly where we met. You see, we went to the same school and to the same church. Actually, we still do; it’s just a different school and a different church. Regardless of all that, Eric is a solid guy with some mad guitar skills. He started writing music long before he and I were good friends, but I’ve had the joy to hear much of his early stuff and watch his songwriting grow. I’ve had the chance to help him record and even record some songs with him. This dude is not only one of my friends, but he’s also one of my brothers in Christ. His passion for music and love for Jesus shine through all of his music. So much so that when you buy his new album the proceeds don’t go to him, but straight to Haiti. That’s a good heart. Go get his music!

A few weeks ago I was searching NoiseTrade for some new music and I happened upon this band called Thus Far. I loved their fun acoustic jamz and chill weightless melodies. I downloaded them, put them on my iPod, and listened to them for a few days straight. Then, I decided to go check out their website to learn more about them. When their website loaded I saw a photostream of Kara and Alex, a couple of friends from college. I freaked out for a moment and said to myself “Oh my goodness! I know these people!” I know Kara primarily from church. She’s a fun person with a heart that loves Jesus and people. I know Alex (not as well) from school. He’s a fun dude with an awesome beard and a great voice. The two of them just graduated and are trying to make it in the music world. Go get their music from NoiseTrade, share it with your friends, and if you really like them then give them a tip or buy their album on iTunes!

I have a confession to make. I don’t actually know this girl. But apparently she’s a friend of a friend. I found out about her because one of my friends posted on Facebook something to the effect of “Everyone should search and download one of my dearest friends, Allison Cornell on iTunes and download it. Because she’s wonderful, she loves Jesus, and she’s sooo talented!” I decided to go check it out and I fell in love with this music. She’s got folky acoustic music with a voice sweet as honey. She also has some great things to sing about like love and Jesus, and loving Jesus. Go get her music on iTunes and support this new artist!

Alright, so I don’t know these people personally either. But I’ve been following them for awhile and have actually interacted with them online a bit. Jenny & Tyler are married and they like to make melody. They’re pretty much the most adorable thing I can imagine (a husband and wife singing songs together). These two people are lots of fun, make wonderful soulful acousticy music, and also love Jesus a whole lot. Jenny & Tyler have two albums already and they’re working on a third. Recently I had the opportunity to help support them in their efforts on this last album. They’re still raising more money and you could also help support them! So go grab one of their old albums or help support their new one!

Alright. Hopefully that gives you enough to listen to for awhile. And, if you still want more you can always go grab my latest collection of music “As We Grow” from NoiseTrade if you haven’t aready. I hope you enjoy all the new music and new artists!

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