Resources for Lent

At the beginning of Advent I shared a few resources that I used throughout the season. I will now do the same for Lent. I hope these resources may be of help to you in this season.

Readings & Prayers

RCLRevised Common Lectionary and Prayers
The RCL has readings for each week from the Old Testament, Psalms, New Testament and Gospels that thematically connect with the liturgical season at hand. They have also created a series of prayers that compliment the readings, which I have found to be bold, challenging, and refreshing.

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tdh-springThe Divine Hours: Prayers for Springtime
A collection of readings and prayers for morning, midday, evening, and night. These prayers provide pause throughout the day like a deep inhale.

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lent-everyone-aLent for Everyone: Year A, Matthew
During this season I am primarily letting this little devotional book by N.T. Wright guide me. The book provides a reading from scripture and brief reflection every day during Lent in the style of Wright’s “for Everyone” series of commentaries. Throughout the season this book moves from beginning to end of Matthew offering Lent-specific reflections.

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The following are a few books I am hoping to read during this season as a means of reflecting on pain, suffering, and lament.

Drops Like Stars
This book is about suffering and creativity. It does not seek to approach suffering with the question “Why?” but rather with the question “What now?” In this brief book, Rob Bell reflects on how when we face pain we often respond by creativity.

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The Problem of Pain
One of C.S. Lewis’s classic works that I’ve never read. He reflects from a theological perspective on why there is pain in the world and how that effects our view of God.

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Hurting With God
This book is by a past professor of mine. In it, Glen Pemberton theologically, academically, and philosophically moves through the psalms of lament and how they invite us to hurt with God at the current state of the world.

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Lent by The Brilliance
The Brilliance are one of my favorite liturgical musicians. Most of their music has its inspiration in the liturgical calendar. This little EP is deals with the issues of mortality, suffering, doubt, and lament.

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Lent to Maundy Thursday by Page CXVI
Page CXVI exists to breathe new life into old hymns. This is the second installment in their Calendar Project in which they compile a series of hymns for the seasons of the liturgical calendar.

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