Resources for Triduum

The Triduum begins on Thursday evening when Jesus shared the Passover with his disciples and got down on the floor to wash their feet. It ends on Sunday evening when he found them hiding behind locked doors and gave them peace. What happens in the days between are the core events of our faith.

May these next few days shake us and shape us as we journey with Jesus from the table to the garden to the trial to the cross.

Below are a couple of resources to carry you through these next three days.

Good Friday to Easter by Page CXVI

The Calendar Project by Page CXVI climaxes and culminates in the EP Good Friday to Easter. You can listen to it below:

Garden by The Liturgists

The Liturgists are a new project from Michael and Lisa Gungor. Their latest release is called “Garden.” Garden is a liturgy designed around the movements of lament, doubt, and joy that happen as we move through Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

Listen on their Website
Listen on Spotify

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