Holding and Held

During the seasons of Lent and Easter our church is going through the basics of Christian belief in the Apostles’ Creed. Each week we are reflecting on a different line from the creed and during the week we are reflecting on various scriptures that speak to the theme. Every Wednesday there is a psalm and an invitation to rewrite it in our own words.

This week we considered God as “Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth.” This week’s psalm is Psalm 103, a psalm about God as Father, creator and sustainer. Here is my own poem, inspired by the psalm and also our church’s recent exploration of Lenten Collage:

You put the glue to construction paper
and hung it on your fridge like a grand gallery.

You also see the glue give way
as the paper tatters and tears over time.

Things fall apart—are falling apart—
and it feels like what has held is holding no more.

O that your love is truly everlasting,
that you hold us—are holding us—as we hold onto you.

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