O God, Where Are You?

During the seasons of Lent and Easter our church is going through the basics of Christian belief in the Apostles’ Creed. Each week we are reflecting on a different line from the creed and during the week we are reflecting on various scriptures that speak to the theme. Every Wednesday there is a psalm and an invitation to rewrite it in our own words.

This week we considered “He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried.” This week’s psalm is Psalm 22, a psalm that Jesus prayed while on the cross. Here is my own poem, inspired by the psalm:

O God, where are you?
The world is sick, the people are scattered,
It seems like you’ve gone missing too.

The ‘dogs’ around me do not bark or bite;
They are merely silent—which may be worse.
For, what can one say about the silence of God?

Perhaps you do not speak because words fall short.
Perhaps you are here too, amidst the dogs.
O God, where are you?

2 thoughts on “O God, Where Are You?

  1. In good season. I am asking the same. Where are you, Father? Why are You silent? If I am no longer loved, would you terminate me? If I am not ready and this test is needed, would you simply fail me and let me go to oblivion? Does my suffering please You?

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