The Word of God (Psalm 19)

The word of God is manifold;
It is an eclectic library of old;
It is prose and poetry,
Parable and plea;
It is a story still being told.

The word of God is vastly varied;
It is a museum of everything made;
It is rock and spring
And birds that sing;
It is foundation and all on it laid.

The word of God is more specific;
Into the world, became somatic;
The word of God took on flesh and dwelled,
He lived and died to make all things well;
He rose up again and now reigns magnific.

One thought on “The Word of God (Psalm 19)

  1. So artfully done, my love! What a treat to receive this in my inbox. Great job rhyming without being annoying. I love the movement of the Word of God becoming more and more alive as the poem progresses.

    I’m so proud of you for using your gifts and heart in this way.

    Love you mucho, Katelyn

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