Natural Phenomenon

This morning something really cool, and kind of annoying happened. The power went out. All the lights in my house suddenly went dark. Everything was completely black. This was what I’d like to call creepy. I then had to proceed to getting ready for school in the dark, which was annoying. All of that makeup and stuff I have to put on all the time is hard to do in the dark….. So once I was ready for school I go outside to wait for the bus. The power was still out. No street lights, no nothing. Everything was completely black. Except for the stars and the moon. So amazing!

It was breathtaking. The stars shone so bright, like little crystals scattered across the fading dark blue sky. The moon was just a sliver of light creeping down to me. It made me think that sometimes we get so caught up in the things around us that we need them to fail sometimes to remind us that there’s more than this little world we live in. So we can see the stars and the sky and feel how small we are compared to the Creator of it all.

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