Winter Sets In

It’s been cold for the past few days. Mid-January and winter has finally decided to stick. That’s cool. It might last for a week or two. You’ve just got to love winter in Sugar Land.

Second semester starts in a couple of days. We had our exams last week. For some reason the school district decided it would be nice to give us exams after we came back from Christmas break. Now that the exams have happened I want another break. But we only get tomorrow off because of Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. I like celebrating his birthday, but I’d really like to celebrate the end of 1st semester with a good two or three week break. Second semester is going to be a breeze. I don’t have to be at school until 8:25 and get to leave by 1:35 everyday. Of course I still have my usual after-school activities, which means I’ll either be going home and coming back, or just staying in the library during 7th period. Life should chill out some though with less school going on.

I want to use my extra time in the morning and afternoon to read. Reading the Bible, reading for school, reading devotionals, reading fiction, whatever! I just want to read more. In addition to reading I want to record more music soon. I think I’m going to be recording several acoustic songs sometime soon. I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going down.

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