Sonnets Aren’t So Hard…

I had almost given up on winter yesterday. I walked outside to find it all warm and humid. It was nasty. I thought winter had, in fact, lasted about a week and then up ‘n left. However yesterday was a windy day. The cool was blown back in, so it seems like I will be able to enjoy it for a few more days.

We’ve been studying sonnets in English. My teacher suggested that a sonnet is the masterpiece of any poet. “If you can write a sonnet, then you are a true poet!” I took this as a challenge. I decided that I wanted to try my hand at writing a sonnet.

Today during English I completely spaced out. We were talking about other types of poetry, but I was, instead, writing a sonnet. I did not find it all that hard. No, it’s not perfect. But Shakespeare’s are not perfect either! I did not follow the typical theme of a sonnet which is “I am so sad and lonely, life is horrible and gloomy, but when I think of you daffodils bloom.” I instead decided to write about a relationship with God.

Light like the Son
Some may say life is completely empty
When living it absent from God above,
But satisfaction and success, I see,
When I look upon lives outside Your love
I see riches and wealth with smiling face.
There’s love and joy with relations galore.
Tis true that joy can be found in this place,
But more can be found elsewhere, I implore!
There are beauties upon this world that sing
Of glories found far beyond here and now.
I look to the sky, see the sun which brings
Light like the Son who has shone and will show.
So life may seem full, singing songs of love,
But the music, it falls from far above.

One thought on “Sonnets Aren’t So Hard…

  1. That is a beautiful and meaningful poem for having been the effect of spacing out.

    We should all take lesson and slack off a little more.

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