Weeping while watching

Weeping while watching the world wander ’round.
And the world wanders ’round and I wonder why.

“Why,” I sigh eyeing the sky.
Why try to fly if we all simply die?

I suppose living is leaving a legacy,
I suppose he who lives holds the heart of humanity.

Though my life may be a life short lived,
I pray it give God glory, inspiring others who live.

Life is not about me and how high I can fly.
So I watch to world weeping and know the glory is God’s.

2 thoughts on “Weeping while watching

  1. Hey, i came across your page randomally and i just wanted to say that your views on life and God are amazing.! Like truly breath taking.
    We have so much in common its insane. Theater photography music and God most importantly are my whole life and everything i love.
    If you want i would love to talk sometime.
    My blogspot is http://hesmybeautifulrescue.blogspot.com/
    and my e-mail is aisbell12@sbcglobal.net
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    p.s. please excuse my recent post….it was just a little vent.

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