As you know from my last entry I recently acquired a new mic to record with. The recording of music was the primary purpose of this purchase. However, there was a secondary reason: Greg and I wanted to do a podcast. Greg is the one who suggested the idea, but after hearing the idea I was excited about the prospect of such an endeavor. So, Sunday afternoon we sat down, figured out how we wanted the podcast to go, and hit record.

The podcast is similar to a talk show in that it is simply a collection of discussions between Greg and myself. We titled the podcast after this aspect of it. The podcast is called Repartee: A Colloquial Discourse. First I will explain the subtitle. Most of you have heard of a “colloquial expression,” meaning an expression that is used in informal, everyday language. And the word discourse implies a formal discussion. So the subtitle basically means, “An Informal, Formal Discussion.” Although this phrase seems to contradict, we thought it seemed appropriate, because although the discussions are pretty much off the top of our heads (informal) we have planned what we will talk about, and set the time of the discussion (formal). As for the main title, repartee is a conversation full of quick and witty replies, which often seems to characterize us quite well.

So, Dearest, Sweet Readership — I implore you to give this podcast a listen! You can either subcribe to it on iTunes or with an RSS feed by using the links below. Just check it out, give it a listen, and let me know what you think.


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