Recording Is Fun

So, I’ve been recording lately. Especially since I got this new mic and it’s been a great deal of fun! The new mic makes recording anything really easy (and it sounds great!) and I’ve been experimenting with GarageBand a whole lot. It’s been so much fun!

Here’s the low down on the new stuff I’ve recorded.

A Rockin’ Song: I wanted to make a stereotypical “rocker” song. This isn’t meant to be musically innovative — just a rockin’ song.
Fly Us Away (Blues): A lot of you have heard the bluesy version of Fly Us Away — here’s a recording of it finally.
Fly Us Away (Rap): I got bored and decided to turn Fly Us Away into a rap. This song is pretty freakin’ versatile. I can do anything with it and it works.

Hope you like ’em!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Recording Is Fun

  1. You were right. The Rockin Song is terrifying.

    Flying Away friggin rocks my socks off. That solo was ridiculous and awesome.

    When you busted into the fast part of the rap, I smiled ear to ear like a big idiot.

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