Eat Yer Greens!

I’ve been realizing a lot of things about my personality lately. One thing is that all my life I’ve pretty much been like a kid who wouldn’t eat his greens. There’s a couple reasons why a kid won’t eat his greens. One would be that maybe his parents never made him eat them, or never even ate any themselves. Another reason would be that perhaps the kid was just stubborn and refused to try new foods or any foods that fit into a particular category (e.g. greens). My problem comes from a little bit of both of these.

I’ve never been a sporty kid. I’ve always fallen more into the “artsy” category. But I don’t know whether that was because I actually disliked the sporty things or because I just wanted to be in the “artsy” category. Like a kid who will only eat hamburgers and french fries and no greens, I refused to take part in the sporty stuff. Then there was always the random kid who ate his burger with lettuce that always frustrated me. You know, the guy who played football, played baseball, and played the guitar. This sort of thing frustrated me because I had been living in the idea that the two were mutually exclusive. A person couldn’t do both and I had simply chosen the one that I preferred. But, this idea, it turns out, is completely ridiculous. This is one of those things in life that simply isn’t an either/or decision, but rather a both/and kind of thing.

Another scene I’ve never fit into is the whole cowboy, country, go get ’em kind of scene. This is ridiculous because I’ve lived in Texas all my life. I blame my parents for this one. I have Carole-Marie to thank for bringing me into the light though. She gave me some country music recently and it’s kind of like the first time I ever tried sweet tea. Until this past year I had never experienced it and then I took a sip of this absolutely wondrous drink and can hardly stop drinking it.

So, now I’m here poking my fork at the greens on my plate. I’ve been jogging every morning for the past week and jammin’ to country music when I drive around town. I don’t know if you’ve ever refused to eat your greens, but you really shouldn’t. You should try them. Come on, try them at least once or twice. Maybe you actually don’t like them, but you won’t be mature until you’ve at least tried them.

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