You And Me

Anyone who knows Carole-Marie and I knows that we’re at least a little different. You know, she’s a sporty cowgirl who listens to country music and I’m an artsy poet who plays guitar. With any relationship it’s inevitable that people are going to be different (it’d be pretty boring if everyone were the same). Carole-Marie and I had a conversation last week where we talked about our differences. We talked about how the cowgirl in her and the artist in me feel sort of neglected in our relationship. So we decided to spend the rest of the summer getting to know the “different” sides of each other. The parts of each other that we don’t know as well because we don’t relate as well. This is a song I wrote reflecting on the conversation we had.

You And Me

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You And Me

You ride horses
And I write songs.
You like to dance,
I’d rather sing along.

But, you and I
Stand side by side
As we explore
This thing called life.

You’re so outgoing
While I sit back and watch.
You like to play those crazy games,
I’d rather sit and talk.

But, you and I
Are hand in hand
As we stretch ourselves out
And explore new and different lands.

And I know we’re different people,
And I know we’re still so young,
And I know that there’s so many things
That we haven’t done.

But, no matter how much it may seem
That we are far apart,
We’re here together
And we’re holding one another’s hearts.

You love Jesus
And so do I.
We’ll worship together
As we sing by and by.

We’ve had some amazing times
These 14 months or so.
And I know that we’re going to have
So many more.

I’m ready to change.
I’m ready to grow.
I’m ready to hold you tight
And never let go.

I’m ready to learn.
I’m ready to see.
I wanna know you so much more.
I’m ready to be

Not so different people
Who have grown, grown, grown, grown,
Who have done so much together
That we’ve come to know

That no matter how much it may seem
That we are far apart,
We’re here together
And we’re holding one another’s hearts.

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