Soak in the Psalms

I have lately sought refuge in the Psalms. You may be familiar with Augustine’s Confessions. The Psalms are the confessions of the Bible. They are incredibly honest about doubt, pain, and fear, yet never give up hope. Psalms are proof that doubt is not at odds with faith.

When you are sick with a cold you might have a glass of water and a tylenol before bed. I have a dear relative whose prescription for a sick heart is a glass of water and a psalm before bed. I’ve always remembered those words of hers.

This morning the fuel for my heart has been Psalm 77. I remember reading it for the first time many years ago. I remember how it first graced my heart then. This morning it sank in even deeper. Every word from this psalm rings true in my soul this morning. I want to share it with you. Yes, the words can be found at the link below, but I encourage you to open up your own Bible, stand, and read this aloud. That is how this psalm was meant to be encountered. Let these words sink into your being. Soak them up with your heart and soul.

Click Here to Read Psalm 77

There is so much to be found there. I would love to just sit and swap words with each of you over coffee about the goodness of God found in this psalm. But since at the moment we are only on a blog, I invite you to listen to the words that John Piper has to share from this psalm. I am so thankful for the poetry of his preaching, exhortation, and humble witness. These words were an encouragement to me today.

I Will Meditate on All Your Work and Muse on Your Deeds (click here for manuscript)
by John Piper – January 2, 2000

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