A Psalm of Thanksgiving

I’m in a Bible class this semester called Wisdom and Devotional Literature of the Old Testament. In it we have been discussing the book of psalms and various types of psalms and on and on. It has been wonderful and life-giving. After finishing all of this we had an assignment to compose our own psalm in the style of the psalms that we were reading. I wrote one and would love to share it with you. It is a psalm of thanksgiving.

The Lord Blesses His People

The Lord pours out his blessing on his people
he does not hold back!
His favor is like the warmth of the morning;
my doubt like the clouds that fade.

Come stand under his fountain of blessing!
His grace is a river; we drink and are refreshed.
It will never run dry; we drink and are made new!

When I relied on my strength I was tired and weary.
When I relied on my strength all endeavors failed.
But his faithfulness never ceases!
He does not give up!
No! His love endures!
He will not turn away.
When I set down my tools he blessed my rest
When I picked them back up his Spirit drew near.

I will rest in the Lord and work by his Spirit
I will receive his grace and pour out my praise
The Lord blesses his people
he does not hold back!

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